Social CRM. Simple.

Business is personal.
That’s why we believe CRM should be social.

Sabine Schoorl Co-Founder Toolinq - Social CRM. Simple.
Ingrid Tappin Co-Founder Toolinq - Social CRM. Simple.

Who's talking to whom about what?Working in a team your most important question is: “Who's talking to whom about what?”
Toolinq gives you the answer, realtime.

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Traditional CRM is all about managing information

Did you ever miss a business opportunity because someone in your team couldn't share crucial information with you when you needed it most?

Do you whish you and your team could focus more on future strategy instead of wasting time in endless meetings talking about what happened last week?

Are you frustrated because you are managing and filling in client information nobody really reads?

Social CRM harnesses the power of communication


With Toolinq everybody in your team can share, follow and act on realtime client communication while on the go. Save time on meetings and focus on the future instead of the past.


With Toolinq you communicate about relationships and conversations to seize unique business opportunities, together. It's social and easy, like a Facebook for doing business.


Toolinq gives you instant access to the business information you need, where ever you are, when ever you want it. Stop working on managing information, and start letting the information work for you.

Social timeline

Announce, share, follow and comment on realtime conversations with clients and prospects.

Team linqs

Get social information on everybody's business relationships and interactivity.


Keep all communication categorized by subject and easily find anything you need.


Check the mutual contacts and recent activity of any of your linqs: a team member, a prospect or even find out who a specific client knows or has been talking to recently.

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The smart addition to any CRM systeem

The mobile application connects your teams LinkedIn contacts to their client conversations, within a private network. This intelligent connection to Linkedin makes sure you work with a database that is always up to date. Your Toolinq timeline is smarter than a meeting and faster than a phonecall.

Safe and secure

All your client communication is shared within a private network and saved in a secured cloud environment.

Always up to date

By intelligently connecting Toolinq with your LInkedIn account you work with a CRM database that is always up to date

Mobile on the go

Our Toolinq software works on your tablet and smartphone. You can simply download the app in the AppStore.

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Business is personal.

Sabine Schoorl Co-Founder Toolinq
mobiel: 0031651781666
Ingrid Tappin Co-Founder Toolinq
mobiel: 0031628414516